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Black Rail

xeniaxenia Posts: 1,006 Officer
With winds blowing and no fishing in the next few days, I thought I'd post a photo of one of the most difficult birds to see or photograph in North America, the Black Rail.  These secretive little jobs use moist fields and coastal marshes, but can be very selective in their choice of locations, and are not at all abundant.  You usually hear them more than you see them.  They never come out into the open and getting more than a quick view of something moving in the grass is almost impossible.  I've had one calling between me and a friend who was standing just 4 feet away from me and I still couldn't see it.  I got the chance of a lifetime with this one when I managed to shoot 39 frames at 3 frames/second.  That's a 13-second observation, an eternity when it comes to Black Rails.  I will surely never get a chance like this again.

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