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  • evernicevernic Posts: 797 Officer
    suggest you don't rent in the city of North miami unless you go east of US 1, then it'd still iffy.

    North Miami Beach has some nice areas, Eastern shores is good, there are a lot of condos there, older, but well kept in a guard gated community, stay east of US 1 also...

    Sunny Isles Beach is great if it's in your budget...prolly start around $2k mo.
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  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 6,572 Admiral
    Stay in Broward and commute.

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  • SeaSpySeaSpy Posts: 410 Deckhand
    East Hallandale or Dania. Hollywood

    She drives south on 1

    aventura to 183 st a fustercluck

    Stay away from traveling. on 95

    or east nmb

    stay east and it woul help if you speak a little creol or Spanish wherever you settle. 

    Good luck

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  • hotdog68hotdog68 Posts: 18 Deckhand
    If you want to rent a house, I would check Biscayne Park or Miami Shores.
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,166 Captain
    I appreciate the advice all!   I assumed traffic would be bad...  Also, we have a large dog (great dane); which will make renting even more difficult...  
  • CaptJCaptJ Posts: 1,099 Officer
    NE 26th Ave just off of Ives Dairy Road has a bunch of new apts being rented. Might find a good deal there. Dog might be a problem. Traffic is pretty stressful throughout the area. 
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,166 Captain
    Update:  I will be moving down to the area in December.  

    Are there any realtors on here who service the area of N. Miami area.  I need a house with some kind of a fenced backyard. And, preferably not in a bad part of town.  

  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,491 Captain
    Stay in Broward and commute.
    That was going to be my response - Conchy beat me to it.
    You Don't want to live anywhere in No. Miami... just not safe... on many levels

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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,837 Captain
    I lived in that area many years ago - then after moving up to Broward in 1976 I continued to work just north of there until 1995... A lot will depend on what languages you bring with you (Dade, now Miami-Dade county has not been majority english speaking for quite a few years now...).  Neighborhoods are rarely stable and wave after wave of immigration into south Florida have meant many changes.

    Give me a call and I'll try to assist in any way I can.  Many, many folks work in Dade - but live in Broward where I am...
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  • Granville98Granville98 Posts: 36 Greenhorn
    Come on.  I live in Aventura. It is super nice- traffic is terrible, but I have a young-ish family and we love it.  Call my realtor Sage Kantor at 305-785-2666 an she can help you find a rental.  She is awesome, and will spend way too much time finding you what you want.
  • sigiiligansigiiligan Posts: 158 Deckhand
    Look at Miami Springs, centrally located to major expressways, nice little town in the middle on an urban jungle (you'll have to contend with traffic commuting to and from work M-F). Expect to pay north of 2K for any house you try rent in a "decent" part of Miami Dade County
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,166 Captain
    Thanks for the tips everyone.  
  • evernicevernic Posts: 797 Officer
    eastern shores is a great and SAFE community...lived here 26 years...but a house with a backyard is not gonna be below $900K...condos and townhouses from $1500/mo. are here and dockage avail usually. Traffic is bad...but no worse than FTL, Plantation, many Broward areas.
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  • SaltydawgSaltydawg Posts: 1,290 Officer
    I live in keystone point in North Miami and it is safe, the only areas west of US1 I would suggest is biscayne park and Miami shores as has been stated. Biscyane park will be more economical.
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