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Flashlights in the morning

Rodfather73Rodfather73 Tampa, FlPosts: 31 Greenhorn
OK guys,

For years I've used a red light in the morning when going to the stand. They work well due to the distance I cover to get to the stand. Am I being to visiable and causing an issue with the deer see the light? Who uses flashlights when going to the stand? Any thoughts or strategies.


  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
  • bswivbswiv Posts: 7,631 Admiral
    Scent is a WAY bigger issue. 

    We set lights on places we have corn quite regularly and it seems to cause them no issue. Noise, movement and scent are far more of a problem.
  • Florida BullfrogFlorida Bullfrog Posts: 2,902 Captain
    Deer can see green light. They cannot see red light. 
  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 820 Officer
    Been using regular white lights for 50 years...if you see deer on your way in the dark..you've already spooked em for the AM with scent and movement... I use a reflective tack to mark *my* tree and NEED a good light to zero in on the tree at 50 yards or better. It's more important that I approach the tree in my shooting lanes or in a line that don't cut trails that any spooking the light may do. I don't bait or hunt over ag fields so IF I do spook consistently..I'll simply move to a trail closer to the bedding area or deer's objective to catch em at shooting light
  • bowhunter4lifebowhunter4life Posts: 1,435 Officer
    Ever heard the term “deer in the headlights “?..... I’ve walked up on them plenty of times within 20yds using a white light. As already stated, wind in your favor and movement is more critical than lights in my opinion.
  • saltyseniorsaltysenior Posts: 868 Officer
    turn your lite on and off......deer think it's just a firefly...
  • tampaspicertampaspicer Posts: 399 Deckhand
    I used to walk into my stand well before daylight using a flashlight. Started waiting until there was just enough light to see and slowly slip in while at the same time hunting to my stand. Didn't notice a difference other than killing more deer because there were occasions I killed a deer before I got to my stand. 
  • jordinejordine flPosts: 52 Greenhorn
    I use a Surefire flashlight with a red lens when needed.
  • arrowheadhuntarrowheadhunt Posts: 204 Deckhand
    I use a red cree led light. Dont know the brand. 
    I like the red because it is an easier transition for me when I turn it off.
    It is just a plus that the critters cant see It.

    I can see my reflective tacks at 100 meters or more.

    It also allows me to see the eyes of the bear under my stand without alerting her. That way I can just back out and go to another stand.
    This has happened enough times that I can easily identify bear eyes verses deer eyes.
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