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Got a good one

bonebone Posts: 1,155 Officer
So for the last month I have been hunting a buck on our club here in Florida. He is unique as they all are. When he was a fawn someone picked him up thinking it’s mom wasn’t around. Usually,  this is not the case.  Many fawns are “rescued” from perfectly good doe moms. Anyway, they put a collar on this fawn and at a year and half old he runs off to be the wild buck that he is. The buck lives on our club. Last year he was a respectable 8 point. Seen on occasion and on trail cameras. I knew that this year he would be a good buck. And we were also concerned about his collar. I decided that I would hunt him and try to take him before that collar got too tight on his rut neck. Took a month of frustration but I finally got him today. Great deer but a shame. Finally got that collar off.


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