Mercury Parts and Service?

I am selling my Twin Vee which has Suzuki motors. I bought a new boat (one year old) with 300 HP Mercury Verados.  Where is the best place locally in or near Jupiter for parts and service.? Is there anywhere online to buy Mercury parts?  I have never owned Mercury outboards before so they are a bit of a mystery to me. The new boat is a 29 ft Ocean Runner. We currently have a boat traffic jamb in the drive way.


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    Smiling Jacks Marine for service. Lou is the Mercury expert and every other manufacturer. for parts. They are changing the name to soon. I have a Yamaha now and it’s 
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    PM me if you dont want to pay shop prices. Have a guy that works for an "agency" here in the county that runs nothing but Vrods. They are so big, and have so many boats, they are actually a Merc certified dealer lol. He did work on mine and did a fantastic job, comes to your house or marina, and hes certified. Oh, and has a mercury laptop, so yes he can "hook it up to the computer" just like any shop. Charges half the rate of a shop too. He can do full tear down, or just come over to your house and do the service and give you the hours printout.

    For local parts, Boat Owners Warehouse has all the maintenance type stuff like oil, filters, drain plug gaskets, etc. is great too, and typically cheaper, but you have to wait for shipping. Boathouse has ANYTHING you need, crazy big parts dept and they keep like 5 of every part on that motor in stock.

    I went to smiling jacks once with my bass boat, I had a plugged water pressure gauge from running into some sand in Stick marsh. Cost me $600 to run a new high pressure line and an oil change on a 4 cylinder 115 Optimax. That one hurt. Did my own maintenance from then on out.
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    I use Verado club parts as well , shipping has usually been pretty quick 
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    I try to do basic maintenance on my Merc Saltwater 90.
    Boathouse does seem to have the parts.
    20psimr, I am interested in your guy.
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 115 Deckhand
    PM me for his number
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