North causeway Fort Pierce

My son and I both had the day off so we we decided to go to the North Causeway in Fort Pierce.  The wind was blowing a little so we decided to go under the bridge and fish the mangroves on the north side. I managed to jump a nice barracuda but my son hit the line with the landing net and caused the line to break.  About 15 min later I hooked into another one and this one made it to the boat for some pics and a quick measurement ( 22 inches).  My son jumped a nice snook but thru out the lure. We found a large broken cooler in the mangroves which we deposited in the dumpster. I then caught a small Jack and then we decided to call it a day. We had fun and my new reels worked out very well.


  • blakhawkdocblakhawkdoc Posts: 212 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report. Paddleharder. Congrats on your catch. My wife and I fish the South Causeway Bridge more than the north. We seem to have much better luck on the south bridge. We haven't fished the islands north of the inlet much. 
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,714 Captain
    Thanks for the report.  Good job getting rid of the old cooler garbage, I wish more anglers did that, good example.
  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 692 Officer
    Thanks for the post
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