jupiter 9-11

left inlet around noon. Super flat and calm.
started in 75’ range about halfway between pier and inlet. Lots of small mutton’s. Managed two barely 18’. Had the size limit still  been 16’ we would have limited.
decided to head deaper to find keepers. Found a few yellow tails in 95’ off green roofs. Some miscellaneous reef fish mixed in. Current was 2.5knots in 100’ so we went back to 80’ to finish. More small mutton’s.. seems like muttons are the most plentiful fish out there. I kept a squirrel fish to try it out.. wasn’t worth it. Skin is like armor and very boney.. meat was good but not worth the effort. If your heading out use the south side of the inlet as it appears a swell is moving in and even yesterday with it calm there was a strange wave break on the north side that will grow with the storm going by


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