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Nassau Sound (George Crady Bridge) 09-15-18, 09-16-18 report

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Saturday- I wasn't sure if fishing would be great this weekend. The forecast for Saturday predict northwest wind and knew the wind will be against the tide when on the bridge. As soon as I got out of the truck I felt the strong wind at the parking lot.  High tide is at 1:50pm so I went and catch enough mullet to last through hide tide.  The fishing was very slow throughout most of the outgoing tide. I think the wind might have something to do with it.  I met an angler named John who have fish the bridge before and after knowing what I look like he decided to pay me a visit. :D   He fish with me and we chat about fishing. John wanted to fish the remaining high tide before heading home to watch the football game.  The high tide was at their peak but the wind make the water dirty still.  The only thing I can think of was to used the biggest finger mullet and hope the big bait can somehow make enough noise to attract a flounder .  The current slow down and I cast up current and let the bait moved down the piling. It payoff with the big mullet and got the first flatty.  The first fish signal me that it time to really start finding the flatty.  From my experience if you catch one there is usually more so if I catch a fish at a certain spot I would go back and fish that spot and you be surprised to catch a few more.  The same applied to fishing piling.  The fish are averaging from 3 to 5 pounds.

Sunday-  The southwest wind was much better than Saturday.  The mullet was plenty on the bridge today. I forgot to mention that with a Northwest wind the bait doesn't appear much on the bridge, so the best bet is to catch the bait on shore before heading up the bridge.  The tarpon was crashing the bigger mullet at dawn.  They stop after the incoming tide started roll in. The whiting and spadefish wasn't biting that much. The catfish and ray do like the dirty water so I save my shrimp. Check the phone and the time was 2:30pm so It was time to go flounder hunting. The last one hour of the incoming is the most important tide to really catch flounder.  I fish the spot that hold fish Saturday and none of the spot was producing. It took awhile but I ended up finding a certain piling that was holding fish.  First flounder start a tap tap and a run so I knew a bigger one was around.  Went back and cast the same spot and felt a solid hit. This one didn't moved so I knew It was a solid fish.  Caught 5 flatty on one piling before the outgoing tide start.  I gave one away to a guy who wanted to catch a flounder but unfortunately a big fish took his rod in the water because he didn't put his rod in the rod hole.  He brought alone one rod and I felt bad for him.  When fishing live bait or dead bait I always put my rod in the rod hole. You never know if something big will hit it.  Next week high is at 7am and 7pm so I doubt I will do good on an outgoing tide fishing for flounder.  Hopefully the weather are nice next weekends.    


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