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Huge 44 hr. Florida Fisherman ll Full Moon Catch

Mangrove snapper tend to go a little 'crazy' during full moon periods, they get very hungry. Night fishing, just before the full of the moon, is considered my many to be the best of times. Full moon catches often fill the boxes:

The August full moon is 08/26/18 @ 7:58 A.M. The Florida Fisherman ll is ready to go and so are we. This 44 hour full moon trip is very special. Representing our veterans, our dedication to freedom, is career Navy man Mr. Thomas Ryan:

Mr. Ryan is ready, and so are we. Let's go!

In what has become a tradition on the Florida, the great line toss, Will goes for the gold, his confidence is high:

Will he hit the piling? Find out 2:39 minutes into the video at the end of this report.
First things first. Jersey Girl at her best:

Will & James tell, show, us 'how-to'!

What a beautiful sun set:

While some enjoy the wonders of nature, others troll:

Late Friday evening, we are ready:

Mr. John Martin, fishing coach on the Florida, does more than tell us how... He shows us!


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