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Crystal River report 9/7

A buddy and I wanted to chase snook this morning so we started up at the discharge at first light. Only one 18" snook on a topwater mirrodine and a ladyfish so we moved to Rocky Cove. The big jacks were crushing bait all around us, it was brutal but not what we were after so we moved south to an area we've done well at south of Sandy Hook. 
My buddy's first cast in the new area results in a 33" snook on a white fluke so our mission is accomplished as far as I'm concerned. We keep moving down the mangrove line and i catch a 10" red on a fluke. We adjust to another point getting good water flow from the incoming tide and I land a 32.5" snook on a white fluke. 
I never expected us to limit out on slot fish so it was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for reading.


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