Surf Report - 11/23

If anyone wants sand fleas - they have been abundant in the late afternoon all around Satellite Beach the last couple days. I tried for Pompano down by southern Melbourne Beach this morning -- the water was pretty free of weeds -- I only got a few mini whitings that went back in. The fella next to me got his limit of nice size Pompano by noontime ---- he must have been in a nice trough of out going current --- plus he was useing live clams for bait. The only drawback to the nice day --- is the beach is packed with surfers who must be on holiday - - plenty of people fishing too --- and it was starting to get hard to make a cast where a surfer wasn't !! ---- One even surfed right into my line ! --- I didn't see any kind of incidents or confrontations of surfer vs fisherman -- but I could see how either faction could easily get annoyed at the other in what was getting close to overcrowding the same spots !


  • DudeDude Posts: 1,789 Officer
    Thanks for the report! Happy Thanksgiving Brother.
  • Iceman328Iceman328 Posts: 77 Deckhand
    Same Here Thanks for the report and Happy Thanksgiving To All.

    I guess I'll hit the beach this Saturday and try my luck for some nice Pomps

  • triplehelixtriplehelix Posts: 160 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report. Good to know there are some pomps around.

    You have an excellent attitude toward sharing the resource. We live in paradise. The waves were great and the fishing was great, so I'm glad you got to share some good times without getting too frustrated with the people around you.

    Matt B
  • PlumbLocoPlumbLoco Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Thanks for rhe report! I bet it's good out of a kayak on the beach now. Behind the surfers. I gotta get one. :D
    It's a good day.
  • winderbillwinderbill Posts: 288 Deckhand
  • PostalPostal Posts: 169 Officer
    Fishing and good surf .Sounds like a great day
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] :chill
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