8/16 BBI troll and bottom

My buddy Paul hosted me on his 23 Contender (red hull, you've probably seen him out there).  Broke the inlet at 8 am in a short 2-3' chop, and pounded out to 800' before we saw cleaner water,  thin windblown  weed lines, no mats. Trolled around - nothing. Came back to 600' and released a peanut. We were trolling a wire line also, but it too weedy, so we gave that up.
Back into 120' and drifted sardines on the bottom. A few short muttons in 90', one 30" king and the biggest vermillion I've ever seen. Inlet was nasty on the way in (tide had been ebbing for an hour). Nice day out there; breeze kept us cool.
Federales, bring my baby back to me!


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