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Very MARGINAL day but a first...lassoed a Bonita...8/5/18 Pipe area

We ventured out to the pipe area yesterday.  Was a little bumpy but not bad.  Unfortunately the fishing was really marginal.  ARS were there but they weren't even chewing.  Not that I could keep them but they are fun on light tackle.  Seemed every spot is COVERED in 8-10" vermillion snapper.  Got one really nice mango but couldn't get those chewing.  Got a few other fish but nothing great.  Not sure if it is just the heat of summer or what because these spots generally really produce.  Might wait to head back out there until it gets a little cooler...

Did have a first ever thing happen.  My buddy was pulling up a fish and I could hear hear the clicker on my marker clicking like line was letting out.  I thought he had snagged it somehow.  But he god his fish in and no buoy line.  Didn't really think much more about it.  About 30 minutes later we were pulling lines and I grabbed the marker and I was snagged on the bottom.  So I motor so I was more straight up and down and I finally got the weight off the bottom.  Then we pull in about a 12-15 lb bonita.  Somehow he got his tale wrapped up in the marker buoy line and died.  Very odd.  Never seen that before.

Bait was plentiful at the fort desoto pier but small.  1 1/2 to 2".  Should be really nice size in a few weeks I would think.

Wind was out of the east 10-15 then switched to the northwest when we were heading in which helped knock down the rollers.

Water temp was 87 on the surface and tides see to be moving westerly but that may not be right.  With the new trollilg motor anchor lock, I didn't pay as much attention to the actual anchor bearing as I usually do.  That is a cool toy by the way...

Hopefully others had better luck that we did.
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  • trs912trs912 Posts: 156 Deckhand
    I already talked to Paul, but I'll share here too. 

    We went out Saturday, but not as far.  Just past Whistler - 65'.  4 yellowtail (2 pretty decent) and 2 small but keeper mangos.  Slow would be a good description.  

    I'd be interested to hear how others are doing.
  • SmoothwaterSmoothwater Posts: 108 Deckhand
    Too bad the pipe didn't produce better.  We got some nice 24" Mangos during the full moon on the pipe.
    We fished the bay on Saturday at a couple of the mitigation reefs.  Got a few small mangos and some grunts. 
    Bite wasn't that great and wind was blowing.  
    Everglades 243
  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 3,813 Captain
    I enjoyed the report!
    God, save the South!
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