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Need some advice for a Beginner

brpbrp Posts: 22 Greenhorn
I have been fly fishing off and on for 20 years or so now. It is not the main tackle I use though, mostly i fish artificial lures with a spinning outfit. I have a trip I take to Matlacha twice a year coming up, and a good buddy that organizes the trip just discovered fly fishing in Colorado, and bought a saltwater outfit when he got home to Central Florida. He's is looking to get a fish on a fly this trip and I'd like to help him succeed as much as I can.

I've caught ladyfish and trout on fly there before, but most of the time we fish there, I fish the mangroves shorelines. I can put a fly in the neighborhood of a good cast, but I am nowhere near as accurate as I am with a spinning outfit, and I also often have two (or sometimes three) people fishing off of my 18' Hewes. Fly fishing is not an option with a boat that crowded, and as a result, I don't get much practice.

Basically I would like to get him out on my boat, and put him in the best situation for success, and I feel like Mangroves shorelines will be frustrating for a beginner.

So my questions are, can we fish the flats for trout with Clouser Minnows like I would in the Mosquito & Indian River Lagoons and have at least a shot at catching fish? Or maybe blind cast channel edges for trout?

What are some good patterns? And is there a shop near Matlacha (Like in Pine Island or Cape Coral) I could stop by to pick up some flies and general info.

Can we scent the flies to increase his chances of hooking up?

For the record, I am not asking for good spots or anything, just what what in your all's experience is the best situation for a beginner to get a Trout or Ladyfish on a fly in that area.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you all can provide.


  • Reefkid88Reefkid88 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
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    This is some of the patterns I have thrown in the Indian River Skeeter Lagoon area:

     I'm sure you could scent flies,I never have but have seen people do it on YouTube. I would say probabaly early morning time for some Trout,maybe a popper or a sub-surface fly. 

     If you go by the manatee viewing area,there is a point you can walk out to and have caught numerous 14" trout on spinning reels,I would say toss a shrimp or crab fly in that area. Or try the flats over on the bay side looking towards the launch area. 
  • brpbrp Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Okay, thanks for the info, And I really appreciate the picture of the flies! We go next weekend, I will report back.
  • Reefkid88Reefkid88 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Anything relating to a baitfish,shrimp or crab. Although I have only caught them on live or dead shrimp. Rememeber to post some pics !!! 
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