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Blank for deep dropping

tltypeslowtltypeslow Posts: 159 Deckhand
What blank would you guys recommend for deep dropping in south east FL? Targeting tiles, queens, grouper, and Rosie's as well. Not really trying to catch swords due to having a tanacom 1000


  • XafXaf Posts: 1,117 Officer
    Are you building it as a straight stand up rod or with a curved but? I have built two, both straight stand up rods.

    The first was on a 7' 6" Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid (PHD 760X2H) that someone recommended I use. It is a great blank but I found it a bit light for anything over 3 lbs of lead. I use it now as a manual backup with a 2 speed reel.

    The second one I built is on a United Composite 7' 6" CX Raptor and I love it. I have fished up to 6 lbs of lead on it with no problem. I use a Tanacom 1000 also. I don't believe you can get the 7' 6" blank from United Composite. They are a special run made for someone in the Northeast who builds deep drop rods for tile fish. If you are interested IM me and I can see if I can find his contact information.

    BTW: Neither of these blanks is cheap. I think they each ran about $200 including shipping.
  • bottomjerkbottomjerk Posts: 252 Deckhand

    ive used old solid glass rods( tru temper) stripped them down to blank and cut to your desired length

    since ur not holding them weight  is not an issue 

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