Appreciate some help - Captiva redfishing

tfarmtfarm Posts: 8 Greenhorn

I'm heading over to Captiva this weekend for a full week with the family. Looking forward to the obvious (snook on the beach and perhaps tarpon off the beach), but will be bringing my bro-in-law's bay boat this time and am interested in some redfishing. This is not my area and I go maybe once a year. If I were in a different financial situation, I would just call a guide like Rick DePaiva, but in all honesty am not in a position to do so at this time.

I've been told the grass flats around Cabbage Key can be good for sightfishing reds. I'm certainly not asking for anyone's honeyhole here, but any tips on getting my 9 year old her first red fish will certainly be appreciated. I have also heard great things about fishing Matlacha pass, but in all honesty am totally unfamiliar with the area. Please feel free to email me if you wish not to post.

Thanks Gents.


  • Capt. Gregg McKeeCapt. Gregg McKee Posts: 201 Officer
    The big flat south of Cabbage Key is a well know redfishing spot and so are the huge grass flats from Pineland north to Jug Creek. I would skip Matlacha Pass right now since the water there is as dark as coffee and sightfishing with a fly for reds is impossible except during the lowest tides and up in the really narrow creeks. Neither situation is good for a bay boat.
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