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Pass shore fishing Sanibel to Estero?

Had plans to do more beach fishing but the onshore wind projections Monday/Tuesday might slow that down a bit. Going to look more towards the night game fishing artificial from the shore at some of the passes. Looking at Blind, big Carlos, new, and big hickory passes. Anyone help narrow down a starting point? Not looking for exact locations just some general area knowledge!


  • Capt BCapt B Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I'm still seeing fish kills off our beaches and a whale shark carcass washed up on sanibel today. Hoping others can point you to some clean water
  • Hobbs28midsouthHobbs28midsouth Posts: 109 Deckhand
    The only decent fish i could get were on cut bait and i threw everything i could think at them. Small swimbaits at blind pass should give you a chance at some little ones.
  • rjmckenna2005rjmckenna2005 Cape Coral, FLPosts: 32 Greenhorn
    The snook fishing this past Wednesday, 7/18, at night during the outgoing tide at Blind Pass was insane.  The snook were busting up all night long. My wife and I totaled 24 snook on the night in 4 hours.  Caught a couple slot fish, most were under but decent. Also hooked a monster but she got the best of me and broke me off on a piling after bringing her back from 2 runs. I did see a guy pull in a 39 1/2 and a 41 incher that night.   Not sure what he was using but it looked like a soft swim bait of some sort.  We were using mostly soft plastics and getting hit every other cast. Water was clean that day when we got there just before sunset, no dead fish at all. 
  • ReelinrudyReelinrudy Posts: 298 Deckhand
    If all you want is numbers, you can go to blind pass and catch >20 snook per night. They'll all be small ones under 30". Plenty of upper 30's and the occasional 40 if you know how. You can get the big ones on cutbait but artificials are easier. Problem is its a small spot and everyone knows its loaded with snook so if you get a group of redneck googans with headlamps going all the time or a greenlight down they'll completely shut down the bite at the bridge.
  • ReelinrudyReelinrudy Posts: 298 Deckhand
     it looked like a soft swim bait of some sort.  
  • jballjball Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Thanks for all the replies! Definitely have covered some ground in the last couple days. Fished a few bridges over the last couple nights with the boys and had steady action on small mangroves, trout, and lady fish. Had a big “something” on live ladyfish as well that cut the leader......asssuming shark? Made it to blind pass today and saw a few smaller fish being caught on live bait but half the family wasn’t interested in fishing so we collected shells instead and untied a pelican that got caught looking for a free meal! Can’t resist fishing it so going to head back late tonight/early morning for a try.
  • miamidolfinmiamidolfin Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Go to JN Ding Darling and catch some Mangroves and Sheepshead and no coughing.
  • rjmckenna2005rjmckenna2005 Cape Coral, FLPosts: 32 Greenhorn
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     it looked like a soft swim bait of some sort.  
    Definitely could have been.  Those are awesome btw.
  • kgibsonkgibson Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Ding Darling has had a major red tide event as of today.  It is not a pretty sight.  Also I saw no bait around.  Sharks and alligators were about it.
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