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Pompano Beach - 18 July 2018

John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 3,095 Captain
Launched before sunrise to make bait then headed out to 150ft to put out a couple of live ones.  By 8am I had my limit of nicer sized King Mackerel

After that, I headed out even deeper to try to find some Blackfin.  I had many meter marks but few biters -- to my surprise the thick Little Tunny that had plagued me on a previous trip were not biting today.  I did not find the jumbo Blackfin I was looking for but caught two footballs that I released to grow bigger.  

I did think I had a Jumbo at one point, only to find a nice Almaco instead which I released.

At 12:30 the fish finder decided to stop working, so I called it a day.  On the way in I trolled a live goggle eye which caught another nice king mackerel that I released. 

Nice to see a little larger kings out there instead of the usual rats that we typically catch in July.


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