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SiriusXM Marine Weather question

austinwufceaustinwufce Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Hey guys and gals, is anyone running a Sirius XM Marine Weather on their boat? If so, have you found it useful? Would you run it as a backup to radar or do you utilize it independently? I have searched some other  forums but, have gotten mixed reviews due to a lot of other parts of the country fishing differently. So, I am looking for some Florida based offshore fishing experience when fishing 30+ miles out. We can't all be less than 10 miles from the Gulf stream like the South Florida folks! I have Simrad equipment and would be using their WM-3 to add onto my GO9XSE. Thanks in advance!

Background: we were out fishing got caught in a pop-up storm with fast blowing winds and tripled the seas within a few minutes(2' went to easy 6' with some 8'). Needless to say it was a rough ride and made me want to reconsider getting a little more weather info when offshore fishing. I am a relatively prudent risk taker. I have a 24' CC and always check weather/NOAA/Windfinder throughout the week and morning of before leaving. I watch the horizon for anything to make sure I'm not heading in the direction of something just asking for it. I mostly fish North Florida out of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic but, don't go out if the wave height is expected to be more than 3'. Runs up here are on average 30 miles to get to consistent fishing. I am looking into this as an alternative to radar because I don't think 3g or 4g radar will provide much help as in the above described situation and I'm hoping my current boat is only a couple years away from being "my old boat". Also, this is my first post on this forum; I have been a spectator/member for a couple years but, try to search first before posting.


  • oldtimeroldtimer Posts: 520 Officer
    Have it on my Grady White for several years now and use it locally and on trips to Bahamas. It works well over in West End Grand Bahama which is about 70 miles from the Stuart area where I live.  Also worked in the Abacos which is another 125 miles from West End.

    I use it in conjunction with Radar but when I didn't have radar it was a very good substitute as long as you keep an eye on the cloud formations/color etc as it appears you do already.

    It will show you storm formations, lightning activity, and based on color in the storm symbols where the more active /dangerous parts are.

    It has great range on it also as its satellite based so should meet your 30 mile need quite easily.

    Bottom line if you can afford it get it.

    Glad to help you in your decision making, and don't shy away from asking questions as thats what these posts are supposed to be all about.   Helping each other.
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