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Anyone done Bimini to Chub Cay?

ccfems540ccfems540 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I have done the Fort Lauderdale to Bimini run many times but never been any further. Anyone been to Chub Cay from Bimini? Any tips would be helpful. i.e. places to stay,fuel and any other advice. Thanks.


  • Capt KurtCapt Kurt Posts: 410 Deckhand
    I've gotten fuel at Morgan's Bluff on Andros when fuel was unavailable at Chub. You call Patrick Rumor and he meets you at the gas dock. I've posted his phone number on the old forum. I can dig it out somewhere if necessary. I've also heard you can get fuel at the Berry Island Club, but it's been quite a while since I've needed to explore that option. The new Berry Island villas I heard were nice.
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  • Native FloridianNative Floridian Posts: 702 Officer
    What kind of boat? You running across the bank? North route, south route?
  • ccfems540ccfems540 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I am running a 27' Oceanmaster with twin 200's. I am not sure on the route. I haven't gotten that far with my research. Any tips?
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Chubb is very nice, fishing/diving is excellent. Chub Club is very nice and priced accordingly. Hotel rooms are very spartan but functional. I believe that most of the issues of shortages etc are in the past. Berry Island Club is a nice alternative, although I've not been there.
  • IdlewildeIdlewilde Posts: 1,357 Officer
    Done that many times. As previously noted, refuel at Bimini as you never know what the fuel situation at Chub will be. It's a longer run from Bimini to Chub than it is from Miami to Bimini, the upside is that you are in the shallow waters of the bank when going to Chub. From Bimini I usually run south to Cat and then turn left to Chub to avoid any shallow water on the bank behind Bimini as there is plenty of water on that route. From Cat, run to the NW Light (no longer there - but a good point to head for), and once there you will see the drop/deep water, then once in the deep water, keep the reef on your left and in a few miles you will see Chub. Good luck - Chub is a special fishing and diving place.
  • Native FloridianNative Floridian Posts: 702 Officer
    With that boat you won't have any problems. I've made that run a jillion times with a 65 Hatteras and prefer the run from Gun Cay/Cat Cay accross, but also have ran from North Rock accross a bunch including once running a 116. As mentioned, stop and clear and fuel in Bimini on the way over. Leave here early so you have good light on the bank...makes for a nicer trip. Fishing and diving in and around Chub is great. Great deep dropping, although the sharks will cover you up pretty quick, but when they show up just move down the bank some and start over. Should be able to find plenty conch behind Rum Cay and the sandy pot holes and coral heads north of there should hold all the bugs you need. If your sitting at the dock at night having a few drinks, throw out a bait on the bottom in the middle of the basin. Trust me!
  • Night MovesNight Moves Posts: 32 Deckhand
    Yea there is really no issues with skinny water like coming into Walkers. Plenty of water for that boat and the bank is beautiful as you approach the pocket. Just bring your check book if you are staying at chub! Its worth it if you have never done it before. Bottom fishing up near whale cay is real good.
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