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Fellow forum member from Saint Augustine heading down next week with friends and family for mini season but I really want to catch some fish! I will have my 6 and 8 year old boys plus wife with me so the fishing windows with my friends will be limited. I literally know nothing about the area but I do have a GPS with Navionics chip. 

Any information about where to catch live bait and what baits to use, whats biting right now and where to find them will be much appreciated. I picked up a small pinfish trap but I also have a 10' cast net and Sabiki rigs, which option is best? Wanting to do a lot of live bait fishing but I have artificial baits if needed. Hoping to stay within 10 to 15 miles from shore if possible but also can get my boat in skinny water. 

Just trying to get ahead of the learning curve in a new place. 
I will keep researching other posts here for info as they have been helpful.  
If it would be easier I will gladly give you my phone number just message me. 
Thanks for putting the odds in my favor! 


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    We have been at Outdoor Resorts for a couple of months, can't beat snapper fishing at night, 45' to 60' on the reef, bight starts after 10 pm all you need is two blocks of chum and a box of threadfin, no sunblock needed and easy to clean the boat, have the cast net ready as bait has been showing up on the chum. Dolphin are here now, but 20 plus miles out, some tunas at the 409 hump.
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    Thank you! I appreciate any info about the area and fishery! 
  • possumjenkins007possumjenkins007 Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    Any recommendations for catching live bait? Should I use pinfish trap, cast net, sabiki?


    thanks guys!!
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    Catch pinfish on grass flats gulf side about 2 miles north of long key bridge. Also make a track on your plotter past sand bars through long key bridge during daylight then follow same track each trip out. There are 2 openings in bridge out of about 80 that have obstacles that will potentially sink a boat. Also careful of folks fishing from bridge. The reef around Tennessee light is great snapper fishing in 40-90 feet. 
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    Also, Use split shot small hook and squid for pinfish. Put trap out with small bobber and gps it. A sabaki will get destroyed. Go with single hook. 
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     This information is excellent! Thank you very much! 
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