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Seastar steering help !

ReelChillin82ReelChillin82 Posts: 105 Deckhand
hows it going fellow boaters... I’m in need of some help I recently bought my first boat. An older mako 171 with a 2000 Yamaha 115 2 stroke. I have used the boat 2-3 times an noticed it was leaking hydraulic fluid from the SeaStar steering cylinder so I began to do some research an came across the seal kit I ordered it as it seem easy enough for me to handle. Part of me wanted to leave it alone an add fluid every time I used it lol but I figured that wasn’t right so decided to fix it. Little did I know what I was in for the day I went to change the seals I removed Thebes bolts for Thebes brackets an at that time the rod that goes through the cylinder moved an I saw 3 larger nicks/cuts/gashes etc in the rod at that point I put it all back together an decided not to put the new seals because I knew they would get ruined... so as for my question does anyone know if seastar sells the cylinder rod separate? Or do I have to get stuck buying the entire ram for 400 plus dollars ? Has any one had this issue before ? Can I have the cylinder resurfaced or something at a machine shop ?? Any and all help is greatly appreciated my boat is obviously down an summer is going to pass me by !!&nbsp;<br><br><br>Sorry for the extremely long post&nbsp;


  • olboneolbone St. PetePosts: 36 Greenhorn
    Just brought mine in this morning for the same issue.  My mechanic said you can't buy just the rod and he has tried on several occasions to smooth out nicks and blemishes.  He said this is not a permanent solution and eventually o-ring leaks again.  I am getting the new cylinder.
  • ReelChillin82ReelChillin82 Posts: 105 Deckhand
    Thanks for the response, Yea I called seastar directly to find out if they sold the cylinder rod separately but the hydraulic tech told me they do not sell it separately. Just wanting to see if anyone else has been through this an found a cheaper solution 
  • shamrock1188shamrock1188 Posts: 272 Deckhand
    17 foot boat just put in a cable steering system $130. to $175. Hydraulic steering in a 17 foot boat is over kill. like the system below.

    Seastar SS137 15' Safe-T Quick Connect Steering System

  • rangerman71rangerman71 Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Go to www.boatsteer.com. They rebuild SeaStar steering at half the price of a new one and has the same guarantee...pull entire assembly and send it to them. They rebuild and return quickly.
  • ReelChillin82ReelChillin82 Posts: 105 Deckhand
    Awesome thanks for the replies fellas... I was actually able to snatch up a decent used ram on offer up locally an swapped it out... tested it out Sunday and so far so good. But again thanks I will def keep boatsteer in mind for future reference
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