My First Inshore Slam! Pumped!

KvartekMediaKvartekMedia Posts: 29 Greenhorn
Headed out the other day around the 3 mile bay area. Really wanted to catch some Flatties, because I've yet to fish for them this year. Caught some live bait previous to heading out like finger mullet and bull minnows. I used a technique that seemed to work wonders. I would throw artificial, while letting a live bait float behind me on the bottom. It didn't take long until I hooked my first Speck. 5 minutes later, a flounder. 5 minutes after that, a redfish. At that moment I had just realized that I caught an inshore slam. Words cannot describe the level of excitement I had. A little while later, I landed another flounder, this one being much better than the first. I have never been much of an Inshore fisherman in my life, until about last year. I love the challenge that it gives you compared to offshore which is what I have grown up doing. I had an absolute blast out there on the water that day, not to mention those Flat boys ate good. Ill leave a video below if any of you folks wanna watch. Tight Lines guys!



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