where to go?

JWTJWT Posts: 405 Deckhand
i have some time to take so i am looking for suggestions as to where i can go for a couple three days to relax & fish. looking for someplace to walk a beach & sling a little line.  i generally go to Marco or Sanibel but i am thinking something different this year......... any ideas???


  • Kill_It_N_Grill_ItKill_It_N_Grill_It fort lauderdalePosts: 60 Greenhorn
    gulf or atlantic ?
  • JWTJWT Posts: 405 Deckhand
    no preference really........
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 382 Deckhand
    Consider 10k area South of Marco and Goodland.Lots of trout,reds,large
    snook,black drum and occasional tarpon moving around.
    Fish on islands next to gulf.
  • DropTheHammerDropTheHammer East CoastPosts: 556 Officer
    At any time over 450' and travels at speeds up to 200 mph.

    You don't need it.

    We all new what we were doing until DropTheHammer showed up.
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