Shore Fishing East Central

Normally I fish from a kayak in the river, but I have a couple friends joining me for some fishing this weekend so we are going to do some shore fishing. I was looking at going out to Jetty Park or Ports End Park. Anybody know if anything is biting out there? I had another buddy tell me the fishing has been pretty good out at Mathers Bridge in Melbourne. I think that still falls in the East Central range. Thanks in advance.


  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Certainly not a expert but a friend of mine checks the beach daily around satellite beach reports no bait and tons of weeds.  If the weeds subside Jetty Park is difficult to fish the best beach fishing is either Playlinda Beach or Patrick Air Force Base.  I'd vote Patrick.  
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,158 AG
    Why not wade fish Merrit island NWR ? ...... 
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