Need a Rec for quality Dock Builder in Martin County

Looking good that we'll be getting a waterfront lot in Stuart to build new on. It has an existing dock, seawall and boat lift. The dock and Lift are toast. Wouldn't spend a dime to try and prop them up.

So, we'll be looking for a quality Dock Builder who can handle a new build from A to Z. Not the cheapest guy, looking for quality and good people to work with....

Thanks in advance!


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    Jeff - Stuart Docks
    (772) 284-1447‬

    Just completed this for us, removed existing dock, out in new dock and pilings, with 16k lift. Very happy with how they handled job and the end result. 
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    Do yourself a favor and call Syd Hobbs of Construction Technology.  561-346-3503.  They use 3x framing so the dock is more sturdy.  Very reasonable too.  Feel free to tell him you were recommended by Matt Butler.

    FYI - I am a coastal engineer in the industry and permit and design docks, seawall, etc everyday.
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    Thanks guys. Great info here.

    My Realtor sent me a Quote from Stuart Docks that was done for the guy we are buying the lot from. The dock sticks out 62 feet and then the L shaped face dock part comes over another 43 feet so it's pretty big. Has a 20k # boat lift that is in bad shape. Their quote was $31,000 and that included ripping out all but the pilings, wrapping them, then all new wood frame and decking and $8k was included to rebuild the lift so I thought that was pretty reasonable!

    Of course I wanted to just rip it all out but if a dock builder can convince me that the pilings can be saved, then I'll go with that. We had three rickety pilings at our Lauderdale house and they  (Sea Tech) sleeved them with hydraulic cement and then pounded in a new piling on both ends to take the 20 foot original dock (1964 like the house?) on out to a 40 foot dock that we've enjoyed since 2001. 

    If the lift is a 20,000 pounder then that would easily hold my 12,000 pound Grady. But on a daily basis, I'd have the big Grady in the water and we'd get a used baby Grady (19-20) and I'd keep that on the lift. Great little run around to visit Shrimpers, Sailor's Return as well as shallower water fishing, etc. 

    But if a storm was coming, yank the baby out on a trailer and put the HEY MON! on the lift and strap it down tight. Our recently sold Key Largo home went through Irma but I wisely brought the HEY MON! back to our Laud house. With regards to boat lifts, we saw two things. Guys 'assumed' that if it's on a lift up high, it's okay. Our canal was oceanside  and we estimated that our canal rose 8-10 feet! Some boats were lifted OFF the lifts and then dropped all over the place! Part on the dock and part on the lift..... it was messy! We even had seaweed in front of the house!!

    Those that strapped the boats down to the lift, if the surge rose high enough under the boat, something had to 'give' and it was the lift! We saw a few mangled and twisted lifts!
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    Welcome to the neighborhood.   I use Hurricane boat lifts for new lifts, repairs and dock work.  Local company and local owner.  Let me know if you want more info. 
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    Thanks, great info. The owner of Hurricane Boat Lifts would be about 5 doors down the street from us!
  • AtkinsonAtkinson Posts: 78 Greenhorn
    Hurricane makes the lifts. Stuart Dock is one of their approved contractors. 

    One thing we found as odd odd in the industry when installing our lift (and dock) was that each dock contractor was only tied to 1 lift company (be it High Tide, Hurricane, Tide Tamer, etc). 
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,116 AG
    I'm going to call Hurricane Boat Lifts so it will interesting to see what Dock builder they work with.
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