210 Moccasin build questions

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Questions about options for a 210. #1 Does it cost more to have the console with the built in cooler?  Is this option more comfortable than a 65 qt yeti (already own one). 

#2 Thinking of only using the rear livewell.  I don't like the look of the fiberglass leaning post/prefer on like Pathfinder uses.  Is the fiberglass leaning post the best option and how does it effect the pricing if you go with an all metal leaning post/seat

#3 Love yamaha's.  What speed would you get out of an F150.  I had an F150 on a Pathinder and it did fine.

#4 are the hatches finished with full boxes or are they open to the hull

Hoping to get answers here instead of a 10 hr drive to the factory.  Don't want to call Frank until I am ready to place the order. Thanks


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    #1 Call the factory for pricing on that. The non cooler console is narrower by 5 inches port to starboard but same height.
    #2 You can do just the leaning post part or a aluminium leaning post with a cooler under it. Also resale value will be better with the leaning post live well.
    #3 A 150 will be slower than the 200 Yamaha around 48 mph or 200 Suzuki 50 to 54 mph depending on load and who is driving. Also resale value with the 200 is better!
    #4 All underside of hatches and storage areas are unfinished with no boxes just to the hull to maximize storage.
    #5 Make the call and drive to the factory for a test ride and to see it in person worth your time!
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    Where are you located?
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    I would of offered a sea trial on mine but thats a bit of a drive. Maybe Frank knows of someone close to you who has one so you could see it. I was leaning towards a 2011 but after a sea trial/fishing trip with flats boy I was sold and never looked back. 
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    There are a few here in Jax if you don’t feel like making the drive. Frank should be able to put you in touch with them.
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