Limiting Out on American Red Snapper

Limiting Out on American Red Snapper
June 1, 2018, the highly anticipated American red snapper season begins. Captain Garett Hubbard, one of the best of the best, is at the wheel of the Florida Fisherman ll:

Captain Garett shows, once again, why he is so very good. The Florida completely limits out, two day limit, with over 180 American red snapper, over 300 mangrove snapper, huge gags, and many scamp grouper:

July 6, 2018, the Florida has now completely limited out on American reds for thirteen consecutive trips. Captain Bryon Holland loves to guide his guest to huge fish.

Can this seasoned Captain make that fourteen straight Florida Fisherman ll limited out catches of red snapper? Only one way to find out. Join us on the deck of the Florida as we find out together:

Soon John's Pass Bridge, and Madeira Beach, Florida, will be nothing more than distant memories:

We are playing no games, we are on a serious mission, a mission to load the boxes with red snapper. First up, the traditional Tammy 'Jersey Girl' hot off the grill Italian sausage sub smothered with onions, peppers, and melted cheese:

The ride to the far off snapper grounds is long and peaceful. Thank you Captain John, the Florida's second Captain, for safely guiding us to what we hope will be limited out American red snapper trip number fourteen:

Late Friday night, let the fights begin. First up, mangrove snapper and gag grouper:


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    Saturday morning brings clouds, rain, and, best of all, Tammy:

    Hope the fish are hungry, I know we are:

    We are not the only ones who are ready for a great meal:

    Happy, smiling, guest brings out the best in Tammy:

    The very best!  This is not just a burger, this is a Tammy burger:

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    Speaking of the best, the Florida Fisherman ll is honored to welcome two real sportsmen, real gentlemen, to the Sunshine state. These two friends drove over 1,000 miles to fish the waters of the Fishing Capital of the World:

    Representing one of the original thirteen colonies, Maryland, Mr. James Gerald:

    Fishing out of the Capital of the United States, Washington D.C., Mr. James Harris:

    Thanks to our new Northern friends for helping us fill the boxes:

    Captain Bryon is serious about leading us to big number 14:

    Two at a time:

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    By 3:00 P.M. Saturday afternoon everyone on board has limited out with our two day possession limit of four American red snapper each:

    We are still in deep water Red snapper land. Let's relax and swap stories while we make the long ride into Mangrove snapper territory. Hope the evening mangrove bite is strong. It is!

    Late Saturday evening. To say that we are hungry would be a gross understatement, we are starved! Tammy to the rescue:

    Jersey Girl, that wasn't just a meal, that was a feast. Now! It's time for Bob to do what he does best:

    What a trip, what an adventure! Thank you Captain Bryon for showing us, first hand, why Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.
    Back at the dock:

    The jack pot winning grouper hit the scales at 18.7 pounds, snapper 7.4 pounds:

    Unfortunately many of the larger fish were not in the jack pot. Next time!
    The Florida has four more overnight trips before the American red snapper season ends. Hopefully all four will max out giving the Florida Fisherman ll a perfect record.
    Check out the short, action packed, video of our trip:  

    What an honor bringing our Florida into the homes of sportsmen/women from one end of our great country to the other. Join us again when we will,
      'See you back at the dock'!
    Bob Harbison
    Florida Outdoor Writers Association

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    Bob. Was great to get to fish with you again. This is always a great trip. Cant wait to get out there again.
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    Thank you sir. Always an honor welcoming you to the Florida Fisherman ll.
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