7/5/18 Team Cobia Middle Grounds

We nailed it 3 July.  Dr. Blace, Dr. Leif, Chef Jason, and Life’s two son's Kaden and Jonah and left Tarpon Landing Marina around 6:30 to head off shore to the Famous Florida Middle Grounds for some high quality fillets, and I am not talking about antibiotic feed, farm raised tilapia that budget conscious penny pitchers get at the local Walmart.  This trip delivered the meat. 

The 1st stop before getting to the outside was to bait up.  The Lange’s set 5 pinfish traps off Howard Park in four to five feet of water the afternoon before.  From about 1 mile away we saw a skiff driving away from our traps.  We checked our traps and the 1st two where bare of any sizeable bait. One trap had a damaged door.  After collecting the bait in our other traps, we watched the one man skiff work other bait traps.  So we went up to him and asked him “what’s up?”  The guy looked like a cross between Uncle Jesse of the early 1980's Dukes of Hazard and some fellow from the current Duck Dynasty show, the series that currently has some progressives triggered for whatever reason.  The good ole-boy’s white beard went down to his bibs. The make of his 16-foot skiff was a Carolina and it was clearly set up with a bait trap pulley for a bait harvesting operation.  The outboard, a black Suzuki.  He gave us a rustic jib jab that he was not a bait stealer but he knew we knew, and he did not want names named, so he said, please help yourself to two of the traps in the line he was working so we could be on our way.  We did.  We did not get too many large pins, but enough smalls and mediums to black-out the well.  This little event made me wonder if it is worth setting bait traps if a local bait trapper is going to empty your traps anyway before you can get your bait.   I heard stories of violence over crab traps, but nonetheless, this situation worked out well. 

Captain Ken

The Fare Weathered Fisherman


  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 525 Officer
    Some awesome groupers!! How were the ARS biting?
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
  • Ken CaryerKen Caryer Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    We limit out each trip on ARS. 
  • GratefulEdGratefulEd Posts: 309 Deckhand
    Should’ve posted a couple pics of Uncle Jesse, so’s we know who to look out for....
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