Flies for the surf part 4!

BigVernBigVern Posts: 161 Deckhand
Hi folks, hint taken about the last batch! Not so good! So here are the latest offerings!

Feedback greatly appreciated!

4 weeks and counting down!

Tight lines!



  • Wra22Wra22 Posts: 127 Deckhand
    Educate me please. Why the pastic tube?  No hooks?
  • Ted HaasTed Haas Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Wra22, it called a tube fly.  You put your tippet or bite leader thru the tube and then tie on a hook of choice.  Interesting when a fish grabs the fly, the actual fly has the ability to slide up the line and out of the way of the fish's mouth.  This can save wear and tear on the fly itself and makes for easy hook removal on the fish.  It also lets you what hook to use vs the situation that calls for it. ;)
  • BigVernBigVern Posts: 161 Deckhand
    Hi folks, that is the idea, if the hook goes, I can just tie another one onto the leader. The tube should slide up the line during the fight. I am hoping to put a wire leader on to stop the jacks biting through it. Will let you know how it goes!

    Tight lines 

  • CPAforSnookCPAforSnook Posts: 70 Greenhorn

    Please be sure to post a report after your trip.  I'm planning our first trip to AMI in late April next year and will be curious to see how you found the fishing and the island in general.

  • BigVernBigVern Posts: 161 Deckhand
    Will do! 3 weeks and counting down!
     I did fish there in April. It was different. Not so many snook along the beach. I saw and caught a few jacks and pompano off the beach. A bit cooler too.

    Tight lines all.

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