How do you typically use any bonita you catch for bait and what do you target with it? Thanks


  • SuperMutuSuperMutu Posts: 169 Deckhand
    A chunked up bonita salvaged my last 39 he trip.  Until that point our stringer was a bit light.

    We just cut strips and chunks.  Dropped them to the bottom.  Are the bottom dwellers were eating it....porgies, scamps, e.g., etc.
  • BottomFedBottomFed Posts: 19 Greenhorn

    Use 'em for bait.  Chum bag, pinfish trap, reef fishing, grouper, snapper, a strip on a casting lure, etc.  Their tough skin stays on the hook  I thread it thru the hook and put a twist in the end so the meat is facing up with the hook tip just underneath.  Fish can't pull it off the hook and have to bite it.

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