July 4 week report

First, thanks to those that sent me info for a place to stay.  We ended up at Choko Island Resort and it was an outstanding experience.  I have no idea how I haven't stayed there in the past 15 years.  The rooms (1 to 3 bedroom trailers) were very clean as were the grounds of the entire property.  Individual boat slips with electrical hook ups and a hose at each slip.  The manager Bobby was one of the friendliest and helpful folks I have ever dealt with.  Just a great experience.

The fishing was the best I have experienced in the 10k.  Bait was everywhere each day and that always makes it easier on the snook.  The bite was almost strictly limited to an incoming tide.  We had multiple hookups on 20 plus pound snook and also 10 to 15 lb.  It was odd however that we only caught one small snook the entire week.  The redfish were scarce where we fished but did manage a 29 inch 12 lb beauty on an outside bar point.  Tarpon were absolutely thick Sunday and Monday and then were a little more scattered the rest of the week.  Folks were catching a lot of triple tail but we only had luck Sunday with 2 that were both personal best and huge trips.  It took us 2 days to find a trout but once we found them they were in very large schools and we limited out the last 3 days in under an hour each day.  

Overall it was just an outstanding trip and was so happy to get my buddy down for his first trip to the 10k all the way from Illinois.  He had a blast.


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    Great report.
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    Finger Mullet are all over the place.
    I found 2 little Islands where the Snook had a bunch of them tight under the trees and would pop them every couple minutes. I got 5 and could have stayed there for hours catching them but I had Crab traps to set and it was close to Nap time so I headed for the hill.
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    Great report
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    Great report!!
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    Nicely done, thanks for the report.

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