Are these fishes Atlantic Salmon or something else?

bobbyfishingbobbyfishing FloridaPosts: 1 Greenhorn
I'm having trouble learning how to identify Steelhead vs Atlantic salmon.
I have a bunch of images which are a combination of  both, Steelhead and Atlantic salmon (and maybe mistakenly none of these), and I'm trying to separate them. However, despite reading about  how to distinguish one from the other for a few hours, I"m still having trouble identifying them  :( Here are some of the images (out of a ton!) I'm having trouble with. Any tips on how to correctly identify these species are more than welcomed :)

1) Steelhead?


4) Atlantic Salmon?

5) Steelhead? Something else?

6) Steelhead?


8) Atlantic Salmon?

9) Steelhead?

10) Steelhead?

11) Steelhead?

12)Atlantic Salmon?

Sorry for the numerous pictures. I really want to learn how to identify both species.

Thank you!


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