deep water net v. flats net

So a few years ago I went to a smaller (8 ft) and lighter net for bait since I almost always got bait on the flats (and I'm not 25 anymore). Well lately I have had to throw at the towers and my net is just to light and too small a mesh to sink fast enough.  I get bait but... I need more.  I'm going to break down and get a deep water net and just carry two.  How heavy and what mesh are you guys using when throwing in deeper moving water?


  • FusionZ06FusionZ06 Posts: 930 Officer
    Most often I throw a 10' 1/2" 1.6lb Humpback. 
  • Diego_sosaaDiego_sosaa Posts: 65 Greenhorn
    barracuda just came out with a horn that sinks quick so the net stays open might want to check that out
  • MBC223MBC223 Palm Harbor, FLPosts: 13 Greenhorn
    Agree, check out the new barracuda with the SS horn.  Other than that, anything 10-12' 1/2" 1.5-2.0# will do fine.
  • SportsFanSportsFan Posts: 134 Deckhand
    I too am in need of a new net. Like TampaCT, for me anyway I passed 25 many years back. I am a weekend warrior and sometimes during the week. Currently I have a 4 ft net that I bought for the kayak a few years ago. Now I'm casting from my bay boat and let's just say things don't go so well. 
     I generally try catch bait around Anna Maria and up the Manatee river towards the bridges.  I was thinking perhaps an 8ft with 3/8oz weight ?  Something that's user friendly, reasonable priced.  Open to recommendations.
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