Thoughts or opinions on Rhodan HD GPS Anchor Trolling Motors

I haven't been on here much at all in the last few years that thing called life put a little damper on my free time, in between work, coaching my daughters traveling soccer team, remodeling our home in Cape Coral and having to totally gut and remodel our Big 
Pine get a way after having over 5ft. of water from Irma in the house. I've finally found a little down time and a "new ride". We recently got a new Parker 2300 SE w/ Yamaha's new 4.2 litre 225hp, it is the first brand new boat I've ever owned  and I love it. To have offshore capability and still draft less than a ft. is great to say the least and that 225's power and efficiency is unreal.  Currently the Parker is residing at our Big Pine place and the majority of the time we've been targeting tarpon between Spanish harbor and 7 mile bridge and I know realize I should of opted for a trolling motor with an anchor mode. Since skimming through here a few times recently I've seen some member running the Rhodan's with the HD GPS Anchor systems and wanted some first hand experience opinions on them. From everything I've read up online they seem like a excellent product with great customer service plus I like the fact they are locally built and competing with the two big dogs. Nothing would please me more than to never give Motor-guide or Minn Kota another cent!  My main need is being able to hold steady in the swift currents ripping through the channels and under the bridges, this would eliminate the need to line anchor with a ball and that will be such a convenience. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks.   


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    Well you i hope have read some of my posts with the RHODAN  it does work as advertised. I Did i have a glitch yes , One phone call and the parts are on the way. I think you know Capt Scott he was on board to see how it worked bummer.  I will be offshore on WED. and have to use an anchor. Nothing like old school.  My boat is in St James city.
    I live in the Cape Also.  I would be happy to share what i know.
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    Larry, I just saw your recent post where you had the connector problem, glad to hear it was just the connector. That doesn't bother me much though should QC catch that? maybe, maybe not , a uncrimped (not sure it that is a connector could easily slide by and is no concern to me. The fact that you were able to get right through to customer service with positive results is HUGE in my book, I've dealt with the other two multiple times and customer service and parts dept. are sub par in my opinion.  I will go back and do a search for "Rhrodan" and check out your posts. Thanks for your input and good to hear from you hope all is well with you and your family. I look forward to frequent the forum more and post some future reports.  We have been spending our off time in Big Pine as I just recently completed the remodel, did it all myself on the weekends . It took a little longer than I planned as Flood insurance is a joke, with 7% of the property's value as a deductible it was $15000 cheaper to do it out of pocket. But the good news is everything is done and brand new except trim in the 2nd bedroom and I've jumped and released a good number of tarpon this last 6 weeks :)  
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    Hope to have the Rhodan operational  this week. By the way I use other special words just to test spell check.
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    I have a Rhodan on my boat, while my dad has the Minn Kota on his. Not an apples to apples comparison, as he has a half-towered catamaran, while I have a mono-hulled center console, but based on these experiences, the spot-lock feature on the Rhodan is tighter. It seems on spot-lock, the Rhodan's prop will go in both forward and reverse, while the MK will only go forward which causes a back and forth motion that my son hates when sheepshead fishing, since the boat movement mimics a large sheeps bite perfectly.

    Both trolling motors can position either boat off the docks on North Captiva on all but the strongest tides. Same with the Boca phosphate docks. Either holds the Sanibel Harbor dock in any outgoing tide I have fished. 

    The remote on the Rhodan is simpler, and without a screen, has a much better battery life. For either, buy spare batteries, and vacuum seal them to keep them on board. No sense blowing a trip for a $3 battery. The MK remote stripped the threads on the battery compartment cover and had to be replaced. 

    The Rhodan jog feature (locking, then moving in 5 ft increments in any direction) is so wonderful when trying to perfectly place the boat between pilings. My favorite feature on the MK is the instant top speed rabbit button, which has helped pull big snook away from docks. There is a new generation of MK, but I have not personally used it yet. 

    If customer service is important, then Rhodan all the way. I have had it break several times due to impacts -- having the whole vessel pushed almost dry onto an oyster bar due by boat wake and my own fault for screwing up an approach onto the trailer -- and a phone call to their Sarasota factory arranged for a pick up and delivery quickly. They even messenger-ed cotter pins to me when I sheared one while on vacation in Homosassa, so we only missed a half day on the water that week. When you call, the secretary is incredibly knowledgeable about the product, and the engineers will return phone calls and emails quickly. One engineer even delivered the repaired motor to my home since he was passing through. 

    That said, Smith Marine in Ft. Myers has been awesome with their service of the MK, so much so that we have never had to deal with the MK factory. 

    If I would have told myself 30 years ago that it was possible to spend thousands of dollars for ANCHORING, I would never believe it. With GPS trolling motors and power poles, it is easy. But those items really do make it easier to fish, especially by yourself (or with a young child). 
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    @Phlypper- Thanks that is some very helpful info. I'm about 99% sure I'm going with the Rhodan just need to decide if I should go with the 36V system which I'm thinking is the way to go. You are 100% correct about Smith Marine I've dealt with them for several yrs and they are great. I'm currently running a MK on my 18ft. bay boat I have here in Cape Coral I got from them and had two MG's from them before that.  
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    i keep toying with adding one to my 33 World Cat for offshore fishing... we do well now, but I can only imagine what it would do for me to stay right on top of the small shows we find out in deeper water... Maybe one day.... 33 Ft World Cat Tournament Edition Catamaran
    Offshore Fishing Charters FT Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, Cape Coral
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    i keep toying with adding one to my 33 World Cat for offshore fishing... 
    Capt Dan, have you considered the Mercury Skyhook system, or the equivalent for whichever engines you have? The idea fascinates me, but I have not seen it in real-world use. 

    Try calling Kyle Hagen at Rhodan. He had mentioned playing with putting a Rhodan on a large offshore boat, and I jokingly commented that it was incredible since I did not think my F-150 could move that boat. 
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