4 July "world cup"

Normally I avoid the boating fray on July 4th.  This year, I wanted to fish the world cup, or at least pretend I was fishing it.  So we rolled out Jupiter, ran out to the 100 fathom curve in an area near frequent SST breaks, and had 4x 50W spread set at 0830.  We started with SR WideRange and a custom 9" plunger on the corners, with Alien XL on the short rigger and Bart's pelagic breakfast long.  The scattered weed was brutal at times, and annoying the rest of the time.  The breakfast just wouldn't stay clean, so it was switched for mini 1656 flat -- thinking the shape was similar to WR which was staying fairly clean. 

We did find some cleaner water out past 1500'.  Bird activity was scarce, and there didn't seem to be any life holding in all the scattered weed.  We found a board that was nice and green, and still holding no life.  We checked out some humps and bottom relief, but it started to look like we'd swung for the fences and struck out.  We had the Good Doctor's favorite shiny sparkly out on the shotgun on a TLD25 to try to pick up a little something for the box.  As she napped something grabbed it, but stayed underwater.  It quickly surfed in, and the skunk was broken by a small barracuda.  After noon, the long rigger snapped down and came tight.  We quickly cleared and made quick work of a small dolphin (27" FL).  No followers and no more activity in the area.

With chores pending and not wanting to troll in through the scattered weed, we picked it up and left an hour of fishing time on the table.  Having not actually paid to be in the tournament, what did it matter?  We had a good day on the water.

There wasn't as much chaos out there, in terms of boat traffic, as I thought there would be.  The dolphin had small sea stars, two small jacks, and what I think was a 7" dolphin in her stomach.


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