St Mark's scallops

AnchorbaitAnchorbait CrawfordvillePosts: 76 Greenhorn
Any reports? Seems quite regarding pre season counts in our area.


  • LiveLineLiveLine Wakulla County, FloridaPosts: 1,589 Captain
    scouting on saturday was bad
  • AnchorbaitAnchorbait CrawfordvillePosts: 76 Greenhorn
    That is the reports I'm getting. Maybe a little early in season but this is starting to be a trend the last 6 years or so with St Marks not being hot bed like days of ole.
  • FamilyfisherFamilyfisher Posts: 2,742 Captain
    Don't know about St. Marks yet, but I'm looking at the water at Lanark.  The color of Coca Cola and visibility about 3 inches.  ZERO boats on the scallop grounds out there.
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  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 9,508 Admiral
    St Marks has them but deep. 6' to 8'.
  • AnchorbaitAnchorbait CrawfordvillePosts: 76 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the info...
  • omegafooomegafoo Posts: 3,125 Captain
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    We didn't scallop yesterday morning but holy cow the boats. John boats, bay boats, flats boats, large offshore CC boats, cruisers, sail boats - if it floated they were headed south out the river yesterday by 11:30A (we were headed in). It was a zoo out there. I'm surely glad we were there early, caught my targeted fish and back on the hill before noon! 

    One guy put his large walk around in as we were were docking. I walked up the ramp, got in the truck and had to wait on the older gentleman beside him to get out. I finally got to back in, got out of the truck, walked to the boat, loaded and he finally got his trailer out of the water at the ramp (he was too busy tying up ropes with the truck/trailer parked in the ramp... :/ ) just before I put the truck into drive to pull my boat out of the ramp. Oh, and his wife was with him and could have held the boat while he got the heck out of the way.

    Scallop season = mad house on the water and **** clogging the boat ramp. 


    LOL - apparently saying r-e-t-a-r-d-s is a no-no and gets ******* :roflmao
  • Spanky DunlapSpanky Dunlap Posts: 674 Officer
    Looking for little shells on the bottom in 6 to 8' water is scuba diving.....not scalloping.  lol 

  • loydDloydD GeorgiaPosts: 99 Greenhorn
    We thought to go to St Mark's and look around for a lot.  Anyone know of any?
    Lovely Loyd
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 12,585 AG
    Talked to a guy that has a place on Live Oak Island yesterday and he said he hasn't seen any so far.
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  • LiveLineLiveLine Wakulla County, FloridaPosts: 1,589 Captain
    loyd,  I wouldn't waste the time....we found 15 in about 2 hours last saturday.  
  • Spanky DunlapSpanky Dunlap Posts: 674 Officer
    I heard some folks got 3 in a couple of hours with 4 swimmers. 

    3 scallops not 3 gallons.  

    Go to Keaton. A friend is getting easy limits every weekend down there. Go early. Reeeallly early.  

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