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  • m9000m9000 Posts: 1,999 Captain
    wall yesterday

    What Key is the wall around?  Marathon-BPK?


    I tried to look it up, no luck.


    It shows up on Google Earth as Portales Escarpment  and is better known as Woods wall.

  • Plan Sea ChartersPlan Sea Charters Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    N24 15.075 W81 05.317
  • ashley24ashley24 Posts: 142 Deckhand
    Off big pine go out past 20 miles and look for birds nice 30-32 inch schoolies. Run and Gun and have fun!! Have live pinners!!

    weeds are great this will keep fish around. 
  • ashley24ashley24 Posts: 142 Deckhand
    The wall is of big pine towards key west.
    1200 ft 
  • N2naclh20N2naclh20 Posts: 278 Deckhand
    There is no greater passion than that of a fisherman.
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  • woodytoowoodytoo Posts: 294 Deckhand
    We fished out of big pine several days over the past week and a half, all productive mostly schoolers and teenager class fish.  

    Our last sat trip July 1st we found the best formed weedlines in the 850 range, past the Gulf Stream edge rips.  We were trolling big baits looking for larger fish, pickups were scattered - mostly on longriggers pulling bullet headed lures in front of horse ballyhoo.

    Have not not seen a tuna, wahoo or marlin in weeks.
    Bo G.
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  • dglowedglowe Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Has anyone been getting into some blackfin? Everything i have seen under birds have been dolphin. If so, what depths?
  • SaltologySaltology Posts: 121 Deckhand
    Had a friend get a couple decent size bft under birds, threw live pilchards, not sure how he got them, islamorada, said he ran out almost 30 miles
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