Lanark fishing July 3

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It was almost 11:00 by the time we got to the ramp at Lanark Boat Club, of which I'm a proud member, and launched the boat.  Headed East after clearing the rocks and stayed inside the reef all day long.  I fished Gulp baits all day under a 4 Horsemen cork.  Nothing happening but pinfish bites if I was in less than 4 feet of water. 5 foot depth was the best for trout. Managed to bang out 12 trout from 13-20 inches, all released, and 6 reds in shallower water, all slot fish (kept a 23 incher for supper) along with about 200 catfish and a blue billion lady fish. Action was fairly steady, but the redfish bite happened right at high tide and 5 of the 6 came from within 50 yards of each other.  Shrimp colors used were pearl and new penny.  Also used a chartreuse Swimming Mullet some.  No one color was any more successful than another.

Lora had a great day on the boat too.  Beanbag, beer, and book.  Those things, along with some sun, made her very content.
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    Nice!  FF - how far East did you go from Lanark to find the reds? 
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    Nice report    Thanks
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    Great report!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!
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    seabiscuit....I never left sight of Lanark reef!
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    FF you did surprisingly well. I have fished out of Lanark for the last couple of months. May was great, then the sub-tropical storm came and killed the viability, then it got bad hot. You did better than I have done here recently, so kudos to you on that.

    I'm thinking my problem is the only thing I hate to use worse than a stinky gulp is a cork,  lol 

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    Might be Spanky!  I went out from 10:15 til 1:45 today and caught 8 trout and 4 reds the same way.  Including my personal best for this area.
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    Nice! Good work!
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    Good deal!
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    Good Dill
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    You have that bite dialled in my friend. Way to go.  :) 

    They will all have sore mouths when I get back in September.  lol 

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    You spanked spanky. :-)

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    Great report. thanks.
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    Very nice..
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    FYI - I took my son Austin out on Friday and we managed 10 decent trout before the storms ran us off the water at 10:30.  A family was coming in from offshore as we were launching the Carolina Skiff and gave us about 2 dozen live baits - pinfish and pilchards - that were ideal size.  Austin fished the live baits and I fished the go-to Gulp.  He caught 6 and I caught 4 of the 10, but his fish were significantly larger than mine.
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    "You're killing me Smalls".   lol 

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    Great fishing, thanks for the report!
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    All good eating, very nice.
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