Honda 225 4-stoke... Opinions?!

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Hey guys,
I'm looking at purchasing a 2003 Action Craft 2110 Coastal Bay powered by a 2003 Honda 225 4-Stroke with 430 hours on the boat and motor.  

Can anyone that has owned one or is familiar with these motors please give me their opinion on them, please?
Would like to know-
!. Any major problems to be aware of?
2. Are they easy to maintain?
3 How's the performance?

Also any general info about them would be appreciated.

I have talked to a Coast Guard buddy who didn't know much about the mechanics of them but said they beat the hell out of them (don't flush them after use, keep the motors trimmed down while not in use and stored in the water, and run them extremely hard).  He said they rarely have any problems with them... whereas the Verado's they have on a couple of there boats are always in the shop for new lower units and other problems...

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have (only owned) 4 different Yamaha motors and had 0 major problems.


  • grey2112grey2112 Posts: 145 Deckhand

    Great engine, but yes there are a few things to keep a look out for.  I believe they can suffer from shaft corrosion where the rubber seal disintegrates so this is something to always look at yearly during maintenance.  I've got a 2013 250HP that is essentially the same motor though it has been upgraded and updated in a few areas.

    Great site to ask these questions is:

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    All the commercial guys in our river use Honda exclusively.  I am told they are getting 5000 hrs on them easily.

    I now have a pair of 135 Hondas on my Rib, they are great so far but I only have 355 hours on them.  
    Mark Wilson
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    It is a 15 year old motor!! In my mind a 5 year old motor is worth half its new price. A 10 year old motor is worth 25% of its new price. A 15 year old motor is worth about 10% of it new price. I wouldnt assign the motor much value in the deal.
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    Don't know if this means anything but in many of the You Tube encounters with Somali Pirates they seem to prefer Honda's, and they go way out from land (over 100 miles)

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    I have a 2005 with over 1000 hours and have had no major issues. In fact, I recently replaced the starter and that is the only issue I’ve had in 13 years. Overall it has been outstanding.
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    All motors are great when new. How long with a motor last maybe 20 Years. With a 2003 motor you have about 5 years of life left. If you do your own work on your motor and take care of it you can get more then 20 years.If you take it to a shop after that it will cost to much to repair. Most motors do not wear out it is time and corrosion and lack of use that kills a motor. Low hours is not good. About 100 hour a year is better.
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