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Question for anyone with marine audio experience

Nick_BrutonNick_Bruton Posts: 32 Greenhorn

So I've got a Ranger 191 cayman, and right now it has two brand new 6.5" JL M series speakers in the center console. I tried to throw two 7.7"s elsewhere but my local marine audio installer said they couldn't make it happen, so I will have to go elsewhere. For right now I really want to get the base out of these speakers by installing a sub.

JL only makes a 10" sub, and I was wondering if it would be too much bass and drown out the two 6.5"s  that I have installed. I'm not sure if bass knobs/controllers are an option on boats.


  • K-DawgK-Dawg Posts: 221 Deckhand
    What's powering the 6.5" speakers?

    A 10" sub won't be too much for the pair of 6.5s, but if it did you can just turn down the gain on the amp.
  • Grouper GeniusGrouper Genius Posts: 1,463 Officer
    Yep, if your using a JL amp you can make some adjustments. I have a 10” infinite baffle sub, 4 of the 6.5’s all run by a M700/5 amp all JL in my deck boat. Wicked sound. 

    Better sound actually is in my Grady with 4-7.7 and 2-8.8 with a M600-6. I think mainly because the glass is more solid in the Grady. 
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  • Nick_BrutonNick_Bruton Posts: 32 Greenhorn

    the boat is all JL...I've got the 6.5's running on a MX500/4,  with the JL Bluetooth controller. I'd like to get 2 more mids mounted somewhere too...but I'm kind of tight on room to mount them with 4 batteries under the seat.

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