6/29/2018 - Boynton to Jupiter - Trolling & Drifting

Hit BI inlet right at 10:00 AM with calm seas and a lot of 'Yakkers" offshore - In 90 feet', set a 3 rod spread zigzagging to the North. A Planer, a long and short pair of Ballyhoo on Islanders (blue & white and Green &yellow). Got a nice hit just North of LW Pier in 130' on the planer, came unglued.  At 12:30, decided to run offshore and see if we could find Phins...  Found some impressive weedlines with nothing on them. starting in 760' on out to 890.  Could see more east of us, but decided to work a line in 760' which ended off Jupiter inlet 12 miles offshore.  Plenty of flyers everywhere. Other boats (sportys) trolling, nobody catching anything...

After 4 and 1/2 hours, decided to try for Muttons off Jupiter 1n 130', went to our spot with 4 or 5 other boats in the area.  Dead Pilchards for bait. As soon as they hit the water, they were woofed by a large Blue Runner, and a Bonito.  AS USUAL the Bull Sharks were everywhere.  Was able to boat both fish, threw back the Runner.  Put the Bonito on a rope in hopes of attracting a Cobia running with the Sharks... no luck.  Had fun watching the Bull Sharks inhale the Bonito, with the others circling and eating the left overs... what a show!  That happened a couple more times as we never got the fish close to the boat, the sharks were on them like flies on $ hit. Because of the 'Summertimes' we couldn't even get a bait to the bottom to try for a mutton, so decided to move south to LWI.  Got caught in the rain from the Thunderstorms all along the coast. Finally made it back to the Boynton ramp a bit after 6:00 PM after waiting out the rain at LWI.

It was a fun day with great conditions. Wish the fish were hungrier.  Wind was out of the SE, then the West/SW... Water color was great offshore, temps were around 83 degrees.

One more thing. WEEDS WERE EVERYWHERE.  Even in areas where no weed mats were, the scattered weeds were there making it a real chore to keep the lines cleared.  Expect lots of weeds if you go out.  Way offshore, there are large weed mats.  The fish were there, but I think the Moon phase is killing the daytime bite along with the west wind.


Pura Vida!


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