Refinishing a Push Pole?

jaymjaym Posts: 105 Deckhand
Cross posting this question here as fly fisherman tend to share poling duties.

My backup push pole is in need of refinishing. What coating would you use to do this? Epoxy or Awlgrip? I only use this pole a few times a year when I am on family vacation and do not want to leave my 24' on the boat. A suggestion I got in boating was wax which I would not have thought about.

Captain Bob any advice?


  • limitlesslimitless Posts: 558 Officer
    I bought a used 21 that had been stored outside and had fibers starting to sort of wear off.  I lightly sanded it to remove the "fraying" areas and then painted with a one part epoxy paint.  After two coats it was like new.  I understand that awl grip is a little dicey.
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