Haulover - Multiple Fishing Report, several weeks including 7/1

A bit behind on posting, so here are several weeks.....starting today going backwards.

Today went late...just felt like sleeping in.  Caught my bait and headed out.  Lots of weeds, but nothing that looked "alive".   Put on on my radar and found a flock of birds as a result.   Bingo, hundreds of Mahi - limited out on one single school.   Waved over a boat that was trolling and let them catch a few as well


Next a couple of deep drops before heading home on one of my Rosie spots:

Productive half day....

Now Friday's Report - June 29th:

Decided to go after some mutton, but Sharks moved in quick.....lost several, but got one bitten in half.   My Friend landed a nice African Pompano, Amberjack, a bunch of Bonito's before we moved on.

Next we headed out for a quick look for Mahi, saw a school of small Mahi that we decided to leave alone, then caught one keeper before moving on to the next target of the day - Snook and Tarpon.   Ended up catching a Tarpon that took us almost 3 hours to catch (touched leader, then snapped him off)

The weekend before that was a Yankee Captain trip in Key West, but this is a Haulover report so 

The weekend of June 16, headed out and caught a 30lb Bull, another African Pompano, Mutton Snappers, and Yellowtail Snappers that were balling up behind the boat. 

On Sunday June 10th, caught an Oilfish, some Mahi, and Muttons:

2016 Sea Hunt 225 Ultra / 250HP Yamaha

2014 Sea Hunt BX 22 BR / 250HP Yamaha **Retired**


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