POI 6/7-6/11

Any insight on what depths to start looking in for bigger snapper and possibly grouper?  The last time I was there fishing was a couple years ago and we wore out the red grouper using squid.  I plan on bringing a few boxes of squid, sardines, and a case of chum.  Any other frozen baits I should consider bringing or am I covered? 


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    we always catch some grunts and squirrel fish cut them up or live will pay off

    if you can cast net-try fresh bait dead or alive I always will cut them or slice off the tail that has worked-the fresher the better

    good luck

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    We were only able to fish on the 8th and the 9th due to unforeseen circumstances.  Friday we had a great day fishing on the inside.  Loads of trout, and 11 reds on shrimp and cut ladyfish. I managed 7 snook on a jumping minnow with the biggest going 27". 

    Saturday was a bit of a grind. We finished the day with a few keeper red grouper, and a few mediocre snapper.  Had tons of action from short reds, small lanes, grunts, etcetera. All of our best bites came from whole frozen sardines, or the cigar minnows we caught on the sabiki's.  

    The small tarpon would become very active around sunset every evening behind my inlaws place.  We put several in the air using a 3" glow colored doa shrimp.  The only one we kept glued was chased down and eaten by a gator as we tried to land it. 

    Fun trip overall  
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    How's the water quality out of POI? I'm guessing they're still dumping a lot of freshwater from Lake O.
    We like to fish the Camp Lulu area.
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    We've been very lucky in the  'Glades since the discharge from the big lake only goes down the Caloosahatchee to the west or the St. Lucie to the east (and simply doesn't come south any more (like it should...).  The west coast from the Caloosahatchee south has had it's share of problems (mostly in the form of red tides...) for months now - but none of it seems to have had much of an effect west of Marco Island (thank heavens).  Yes, lots of rain this time or year coming south from sawgrass areas does tend to push fish away - but they wind up out around the outside islands (like Camp Lulu...). 

    Only one way to be sure though - and that's to get out there and give it a try (and this time of year the earlier each day , if possible - the better...).

    Hope this helps
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