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Went on a musky trip this week in North Wisconsin and all I have to report on are some blisters. Fun and exciting casting to river bank structure with an 11wt and 8-10inch flies  for 6-7 hrs but didn’t see anything or even get a follow up. It’s a workout! Did some shore fishing as well around the local dams but nada!!  That’s musky fishing I hear but like Arnold says “I’ll be back!” Hahahaha.  Haha!!  **** musky!


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      It doesn't have to be a workout. That 11wt/10" articulated fly stuff is too much work for long days. Musky are opportunists, focus on covering water next time. All the guys I know that focus exclusively on musky use an 8/9wt, with 300-350gr density compensated shooting heads and 5" flies on 2/0 hooks.
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    From fl? I would never even think of using an 11wt. Muskies are opportunists.  No more than a 6" fly will work.... if they're hungry. 
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    Totally jealous btw, doesn't look like my Quebec trip is going to pan out this year.
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    It was a lot of fun and a nice change of scenery.  Those articulates flies are a lot different to cast 
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    spend some time searching these will find more answers then you ever thought possible
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