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Marathon Mahi

Went straight out of marathon yesterday and ran till we found a nice weed line first thing in the morning at 650’. Trolled it for about an hour with nothing so picked up and ran. Found birds in 680’ and got into a school of peanuts all about 24” long. Played with them for a while then went looking for some bigger fish. Found a floating plank of wood and picked up a nice cow about 35” and hooked the bull it was with but the hook pulled right at the boat. Ended up loading up on some more 24-25” pnuts and got a couple bonus triple tail what were on the plank. Came back in with 18 mahi and 2 TTTs. Anybody been finding some bigger size mahi out there? Am here till July 7th and don’t plan on keeping any more fish under 25” - feel bad keeping the little guys


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