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Good morning,

My family and I are going to spend a few days at the Army's Destin Recreation Area the first week of July.  It is located just inside the inlet of Choctowhatchee Bay, East side.

My son and I are planning on bringing our 9wts and wade fishing in that area, and on the beach just West of the inlet.  I'm thinking we will bring a mix of clousers and deceivers.

I searched and read the related posts, but thought I'd ask for any recent advice and recommendations of where to fish, what flys to use, and what we should target. 



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    The flats inside the bay (west of the inlet) are wadeable, and you won't deal with waves.  Just look on google earth and it's fairly obvious.  That is more sight fishing than blind casting and is more technical.  That being said, if the wind and wave action isn't too bad, throwing flies on the gulf side will absolutely work.  Especially if you don't care what species.  Ladyfish are off the beach thick that time of year, and they'll eat anything.  Crease flies and poppers are a blast for catching them.  Jacks cruise the beaches as well.  First thing in the morning before too many people hit the water, you can easily catch (or at least hook) dozens in the surf in short order.  If you want reds, you'll want clousers or heavily weighted crab/shrimp flies because it is relatively deep out past 50-60 ft from shore (4ft or so).  If you did walk the beach and are good at sight fishing, you can spot reds cruising the first sand bar 10ft or less from shore and can catch them that way, but that is much more challenging, and requires ideal water conditions.  
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