A couple more...

Friday I was able to get a slam. It was a slow grind and that makes #49. I got my Trout early and was off to get bait...which was not easy to find.
The snook was a half way decent fish. 


And the Red was nice too.



Saturday was very tough and really the only bright spot was I caught a few snook and I got one really nice trout.


I had my chance at my Red...but she was a brute and just when I thought I was winning...she took me into the bushes and broke me off.

Sunday I took a friend of mine who is a FWC Biologist.  It was to be an artificial trip with a try for a slam for him....  We caught fish..He got a nice 24 inch snook and we both had a couple trout...but Redfish were not eating plastic. We both had several shots at fish but they had no interest.

Today was kinda slow too...as seems to be the summer pattern when water temps are starting at dawn in the lower 80's.
My first two spots are empty but at the third spot I see a bunch of small bait shower and toss the white CAL to it...and get a little foot long cutie snook. I make my very next cast and BAM!....It's a good fish that is ripping line off the reel.  Some close quarters combat but I slide it in the net.


You can see it was so early I still was not wearing a hat.  A fat 30 incher.

I leave to find a trout while it is still early and hit a couple spots till I find a little wad of rain minnows and pull a 14 inch trout from under it.   I decide I better get a few baits...but with a lot of sun now it isn't easy...about 35 minutes to get 10 baits..ugh! 
Run south and his the spot where me and my buddy saw redfish yesterday.  I make my way along and see a nice fish...but I mis-identified it...Not a Red...but...


At 29 inches...I'm not too disappointed. 

I move again and get refused by a Tarpon....then a while later get a take from a small red...which comes unbuttoned...and I feel like I may have had my only shot.  I make a big move and a long slow downwind and see a nice Red moving out ahead of me...a couple good presentations and refused... I make a long cast under an overhang and decide to wait.....and 15 seconds can feel a lot longer...but I feel a bump....and it is game on.....but now I see two nice Reds come out from under the 'groves....A solid battle but this time I win.


So that makes #50....
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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    Tuesday was another tough day but was able to make it happen. I launched at Wabasso and ran to yesterdays snook spot. I knew it was going to be iffy because I grounded out as I came off plane. It was super shallow. Nothing there. Since I have been struggling with Trout down south I decided to go north. I tried multiple spots catching only a Bluefish till I was at what would be my first stop from Yacht club....A trout. But now it is 8:20 and I had no bait and a long run south. I head that way and as an afterthought pull into a bait spot and get lucky picking up 8 of the right baits in two throws....off we go!

    First spot is empty but at my second...

    Not a monster but in the slot...off to find a snook..
    And at the next spot


    That makes #51

    A bit of looking around....a wrist wrecker size jack...then...


    I got one more small one and quit at 10:45
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
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