Thanks to Don Dingman & Kingbuster 400

I wish to thank Don and all his many volunteers  who put on a great tournament yesterday.  My family enjoyed this one very much and it is an end of an era.   We have fished many of his tournaments and always this is a fun time.  Don makes it about the kids and it is a very kid friendly tournament!  Congratulations to the crew of the Kingbuster 400 on a super tournament.  I know how difficult it is to run a big time tournament like this so it is amazing at how they make this look easy. . 

My son will no longer be able to fish the Jr Category any longer due to age restrictions. (He's now too old)  This year we went out with a bang!  Byron was 2nd in the Jr Angler category.  As you can see, we caught this one along the beach.  However, prior to, we did a little reef fishing to put at least 2 kings in the box, one for each of Jr's on board before we started looking for the big one.  We got lucky and bumped into this fish.

See you next year in the Kingbuster 400!



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